Host an Event at JMT&B!

Host an event with us! From 6 to 35 people we would love to have you! Please call at (540) 862-5624 ahead while we are open and let us make that reservation for you! For any parties 12 or larger we do offer a limited menu that helps us get your meals in a timely manner along with serving the rest of the tavern! For any parties larger than 15 we would love to serve you in our amazing Brewery! An automatic 18% gratuity will be added for any parties larger than 12, but feel free to add any extra for outstanding service! For any parties 20 to 35 we will set you up with your own server, and there will be a room charge of $50. We absolutely love serving parties large or small and strive for everyone to have an awesome time hanging at Jacks! If your party would like something specific on the limited that isn’t currently on there please let us know when you make the reservation. We are happy to provide a buffet style meal or heavy appetizers for a casual style dinner.

See ya at the tavern! #SYATT